ROC USA® was launched in May 2008 to serve one mission: To make quality resident ownership viable nationwide and to expand economic opportunities for homeowners in manufactured (aka “mobile”) home communities.

Today, nine regional nonprofits represent the Certified Technical Assistance Providers (CTAPs) in ROC USA Network. From the start, a strong role for CTAPs who have a presence in local markets for in-person training as well as market development and partnership building has been critical to the mission.

ROC USA continues to build strong national and regional relationships in support of Resident Owned Communities as it looks to realize its vision of a country in which the owners of efficient and affordable homes are economically secure in healthy and socially vibrant resident-owned communities. In spring 2018, at its 10-year anniversary, ROC USA and its affiliates supported 220 ROCs in 15 states made up of more than 14,000 homes.

There have been a lot of questions regarding some of the laws. Each month we will try to refer to the statues to some of these questions.

Can an owner stop you from hiring someone to work on your home?

· CMR940 10:05 Goods and Services

(1) Choice of Seller: An operator shall not restrict a residents in his or her choice of a seller of fuel, furnishings, goods, services or accessories connected with the rental or occupancy of a manufactured home site: (a) so long as such seller in in compliance with: 1. applicable law and: 2. applicable rules, if any, of the manufactured housing community approved by the Attorney General and the Secretary or otherwise in effect pursuant to M.G.L. c 10 sec 32L (5), including any such rules and regulations imposing, reasonable insurance requirements, as defined under 940 CMR 10:01 and (b) unless such seller has repeatedly failed to meet prevailing industry standards, as evidenced by complaints to the Attorney General’s Office, the Better Business Bureau or regulatory agencies having jurisdiction over the provision of such goods or services. Where goods or services are offered by an operator to residents, the operator also shall inform resident in writing of their right to obtain such goods and services from other providers.

· Access to Your Homesite by the Community Owner/Operator:  In general, your community owner/operator may not enter upon your leased lot without your permission. He or she may enter the site without permission only to check if it has been abandoned, inspect it, show it prior to re-leasing it, or make repairs in accordance with 940 C.M.R. 10:04 (5)(d). Normally, before entering onto your lot your community owner/operator must give a “reasonable” notice i.e. 24 hours notice– unless there is an emergency that creates an immediate threat to the property or tenant safety. 940 C.M.R 10:03(8)(b). See M.G.L. c186 sec.158 (1)(i),(ii),&(iii).

· Who is responsible for the oil tanks?    940 CMR 10:03 (2) (n) It is unfair and deceptive practice for an owner to require the resident to pay for the removal or replacement of the oil tank on the lot. 

· Who is responsible for cement slabs, lampposts, driveways? The Owner , 940CMR 10:04 (5) (F) an owner cannot require any resident to make permanent improvements to the manufactured home site, or the manufactured housing community or any of its facilities, nor assess any separate fee or charge for any such permanent improvements made by the operator, except as specifically provided for in 940CMR 10:00.

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