Bills in the Legislature For 2019

House 1275 Senate 815 Alternate Dispute Resolution Program

PASS THESE BILL; This will allow residents to file complaints against owners and have their issues heard before The Manufactured Home Commission. This will stop court cases and thousands of dollars in court costs. This will also stop years in court for the Judge to tell the owners they were wrong and abide by the laws on the books. This is in Joint Housing Committee: House: Representative Kevin Honan, Chair, Representative Joseph McGonagle, Vice Chair. 617-722-2470 Senate: Senator Brendon Crighton, Chair Senator Julian Cyr, Vice Chair 617-722-1350

House 3400: Background Checks PASS THIS BILL: This will pass the cost of background/credit check on to the resident coming into the community. The owner won’t have to pass the cost onto us if this passes This is in The House Judiciary Committee. Senate: Senator James Eldridge, Chair, Senator Sonia Chang-Diaz Vice Chair. 617-722-1120. House: Representative Clair Cronin, Chair, Representative Michael Day, Vice Chair 617-722-2396.

House 3006:  OPPOSED Change in rent: Subsection (2) of Section 32I of Chapter 140 to strike out the words or change in rent.  The current law reads: (2) Any rule or change in rent which does not apply uniformly to all manufactured home residents of a similar class shall create a rebuttable presumption that such rule or change in rent is unfair. This is in the Joint Housing Committee as House 1275. See above for contact information.

House 2903: Water Submetering: OPPOSED: There are several reasons:

  • Who pays to read the meters, bill, collect unpaid bills?
  • Who pays for the water before the meter?
  • Who is responsible for utility regulations, and clean water acts mandated?
  • Federal Court upheld the EPA regulations to not meter manufactured housing.
  • Who pays for repair of meter and freezing?

This is in the Joint Committee on Telecommunications Utilities & Energy

Senate: Senator Michael Barrett, Chair, Senator Marc Pacheco, Vice Chair

617-722-1572. House: Representative Thomas Golden, Chair, Representative Carolyn Dykema, Vice Chair 617-722-2263

House 2577 OPPOSED: Tax credit for residents replacing oil tanks

The law states now that the owners of the community are responsible for replacing oil tanks. That has been upheld by the Attorney General’s Office. If this bill passes it will encourage the owners to make the residents pay for the oil tanks that they are responsible for. The owners can recoup their cost through a capital improvement cost over time. This is in the Joint Committee on Revenue. Senate: Senator Adam Hind, Chair, Senator William Brownsberger, Vice Chair 617-722-1625. House: Representative Mark Cusack, Chair, Representative Paul Schmid III Vice Chair. 617-722-2320

House 1328 OPPOSED: Mobile Home Tax:This bill is intended to give the Cities and Towns the right to increase our Mobile Home Tax that we pay now of $6, $9, or $12 per month. They want to allow the Cities and Towns to increase this by what ever they want. This is in the Joint

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