How To Form A Tenants Association

The Association consists of the following:


Vice President



Board Members (5) five is a workable number but you can start with less and have the Board and President appoint new members after elections if you cannot get a slate before elections.

1 -You need someone willing to run for these offices. Post a residents meeting and the slate of officers with nominations from the floor, invite all residents. Hold elections voting each person in by the residents. You can do a paper ballot vote 1 vote per unit. There should be a quorum of the number of units present.

2-At the elections you should form a membership and collect dues. Most parks choose dues between $10.00-$12.00 per year per unit. The President and Treasurer must establish a checking account in the name of your Tenants Association. Have two signatures on the account. Usually the Treasurer and President. Keep a list of the members and a signature sheet with their name address and phone numbers. The MFM can help.

  1. Once you have the officers and board voted in, you can write bylaws at your Board Meeting. When writing the bylaws, you can determine what you want to establish for dues and meetings for the future. The MFM can help with this. You can refer to Roberts Rules for a templet. You should get them approved by an Attorney.
  2. You can start with any size membership but should build your membership to 51 % or more. That will be helpful if you want to purchase in the future. You don’t need 51 % to be an association only if you want to incorporate.
  3. Your Officers and Board will run the Tenants Association by your bylaws and Roberts Rules of Order. You should keep a copy of Roberts Rules with you at each meeting.
  4. All meetings should be recorded, and minutes kept being approved at next meeting. ( You should announce at each meeting that it is being recorded.)
  5. Roberts Rules will give you a templet for how to run your meetings, establish your meetings times, dates, and place. You will also establish how you want to vote by ballot or hand. One vote per household. Your membership is counted by units not by person. The 51% is established by units not people.