Housing Court Standing Order 2-20: Temporary modifications to court operations arising from the coronavirus (COVID 19) outbreak

This addresses concerns about pending or active eviction matters filed before the pandemic –

Effective immediately, all Housing Court divisions shall remain open during regular business hours, subject to the below modifications. The First Justice and Clerk-Magistrate of each division shall collectively exercise their discretion in the scheduling of matters in satellite sessions, which may include rescheduling matters to be heard at the division’s main location. This Order is temporary and is subject to be modified or rescinded at any time, as necessary to address the fluctuating circumstances arising from the coronavirus pandemic. Continue reading

Bills in the Legislature For 2019

House 1275 Senate 815 Alternate Dispute Resolution Program

PASS THESE BILL; This will allow residents to file complaints against owners and have their issues heard before The Manufactured Home Commission. This will stop court cases and thousands of dollars in court costs. This will also stop years in court for the Judge to tell the owners they were wrong and abide by the laws on the books. This is in Joint Housing Committee: House: Representative Kevin Honan, Chair, Representative Joseph McGonagle, Vice Chair. 617-722-2470 Senate: Senator Brendon Crighton, Chair Senator Julian Cyr, Vice Chair 617-722-1350 Continue reading